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Yes, I built this.

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I can’t sit still. The ideas that pop into my head are never ending. My desire to build grows everyday. Production is my outlet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world on its ear. Like so many others, my work and my family have been impacted by the pandemic. But that’s no excuse to stop moving.

So I am building; moving; hustling! It’s a mindset I call, the #CovidHustle (

Examples of the Hustle

  • I run a small title abstract company with my wife called Title Partners of Georgia.
  • I am helping my brother grow his mold remediation company, Mita-Pro LLC.
  • I created an e-commerce store where you can custom build a spinnerbait lure,
  • I am helping my daughter build an app called Thread Record.
    My passion is whiskey, so I started the 56 Whiskey Club.
  • And I am convinced that society will redefine what “clean” means, so I am launching Alabasus to bring technology to the world of commercial cleaning.



We all have a code, a philosophy, a set of values that define who we are at our core.

I have operated by this code my entire life but , until a few years ago, had not been able to capture it with words. This set of values is what I bring to my work, it’s how I operate; day in, day out, no exceptions.

I am happy to share these core values with you today, and encourage you to write yours down as well. Seeing it on paper has a clarifying effect and helps you better understand yourself and your habits.

have fun

Always Be Improving

Value Relationships

Own It

Cutting Edge



I believe the way we look at “clean” will be forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies will view clean as an asset, an amenity, a benefit, and a competitive advantage. Whether it’s a short-term rental management company, an office building, a daycare, or a warehouse – the definition of clean will be rewritten by the first movers.


My brother launched this as a side hustle last year and, from my posh home-office in my white button up shirt, I helped him build the website and establish a social presence. Now here we are, a year later and I am suiting up in Tyvek suits, rubber gloves, and full face respirators getting my hands dirty in a “manual labor” position. And I couldn’t be happier! When I am not disinfecting a facility, I am helping close business, manage the social presence, and run financial reports.

56 Whiskey Club

I started the Club in 2016 to be a professional networking group, one that would center around our love of whiskey. Over the years we have held dozens of meetups, passed thousands of dollars of business, and drank barrels of really good whiskey. I have expanded the footprint of the Club with our LinkedIN group page and the launch of our YouTube channel.

Title Partners of Georgia

In May of 2016, the law firm I was with, suddenly closed it’s doors, leaving employees and clients in limbo. Instead of hitting the unemployment line or the job search, my wife and I took money from savings to buy outstanding title orders from vendors to resell to the new firms who acquired the closings. Now, we run this stable little business part-time and use the funds for family vacations.

Custom Bait Shop

I love fishing and building spinnerbait lures so I decided to build an ecommerce website to build lures for other avid fishermen. It’s pretty sweet, check it out at

Thread Record

In late 2018 my daughter had an idea about creating an app to help her keep track of the clothes she wore, to different events. I thought it would be a fun little project for both of us to work on; one that would give me an opportunity to get closer to my daughter, and to teach her about building a business. We are moving slowly, but surely. The first iteration is a simple webpage, with over 100 users. The first version of the app will be finished by the end of Q2 2020.