automate your sales funnel.

You have the big name CRM, the big contact database tool, the latest email marketing SaaS, and that fancy call tracking platform, but your sales team…

  • manually enters prospect data
  • manually builds invoices and estimates
  • manually enters post-call notes
  • manually sends follow up emails
  • is looking for a new job because they are burnt out

Or you have a small team with none of those fancy tools and you’re lack of automation is costing you money.

Your sales tools should be just that, tools.

Hire me.

  • If it has an API, I can build with it
  • Zapier / Inbox / Webhook
  • Pipedrive / HubSpot / Zoho CRM
  • Slack / Discord / Mighty Networks
  • Google Data Studio / Looker
  • Wordpress / Woo Commerce
  • Gravity Forms / Google Forms / Typeform
  • Quickbooks Online / Freshbooks / Wave

connect everything.

Every action that affects your product or service’s buying journey, can be tracked, measured, and iterated but only if the action is being captured, accurately, in the first place.
1. lead downloads a whitepaper
2. details sent to CRM tool
3. notification sent to Slack
4. lead receives email
5. engagement actions tracked
6. lead lifecycle updated
7. scoring metrics indicate hot lead
8. follow up email sent 3 days later
9. lead sets meeting with sales rep
10. deal created in CRM with notes

And so much more, without lifting a finger.

 A few of my builds.

Client dashboard

Gravity Forms > WordPress Plugin > Google Drive > Data Studio > Zapier > Quickbooks Online > Gmail > Pipedrive CRM


Customer wanted to build dashboards for each customer to see their annual spend, upload documents for active orders, and place new orders from one convenient location. They needed to free up the sales team’s day to focus on new business and identify new wallet share opportunities.

Chris Lusk - TPGA Dashboard

Connected Gravity Forms order form to QuickBooks Online to capture order details and notify operations. Order details captured in Pipedrive CRM. Notified sales rep via Discord.

Built Google Drive folders for the specific order with Zapier, allowing the customer  and operations team to upload documents in real-time with a custom WordPress Plugin.

Upon order completion, customer sent QB invoice for online payment. Details of order instantly displayed in the Google Data Studio dashboard and thank you messages sent from Pipedrive CRM.

No longer manually taking orders and sending to the operations department, allowed the sales team to generate new business and onboard prospects much faster. Account managers were freed up to identify new wallet share initiatives within their client base. Ultimately, my client was able to grow their client-base by 30% without needing to make any new hires.